In 2004 the European Commission initiated the GreenBuilding Program.
This program aims at improving the energy efficiency and expanding the integration of renewable energies in non-residential buildings in Europe on a voluntary basis.
The program addresses owners to realize cost-effective measures enhancing the energy efficiency of their buildings 
in one or more technical disciplines.

  • in November 2009, Seabridge received a GreenBuilding certificate from the European Commission
  • the warehouse is equipped with a highly efficient system to cool and warm, ventilate and sterilize air
  • the energy excellence of Seabridge is mainly attributed to two factors: appropriate construction materials and on-site green energy production
  • high insulation values far above the legal requirements lower energy demand with 30% more than imposed by law

Green Building

  • in April 2010, Seabridge was awarded as one of the “ambitious projects” in the category Special Acknowledgements
  • Seabridge lists a total energy efficiency increase of 73% compared to the Belgian Building Code
  • Seabridge’s system creates ideal climatic conditions for green coffee storage in a state-of-the-art building
  • 4 600 photovoltaic modules installed on the
    20 000m² roof surface lead to an efficiency improvement of 43%, providing the total building (warehouse as well as offices) with solar energy equal to a peak value of 1 MW