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Cookies are small data files or small text files that are stored on your local computer (or on other devices with Internet access such as smartphones or tablets) when you visit websites. They contain information about the website in question. Cookies are stored in a specific directory on your hard drive and have a unique ID and a specific duration. When you re-visit a certain website, the cookies are re-sent to the website, enabling it to recognise you as a returning visitor and certain preferences that you have indicated beforehand (such as your preferred language).

Cookies can be categorised according to:

  • Their lifetime;

  • Their origin;

  • Their type.

A distinction can first be made between cookies on the basis of their lifetime, namely: “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”.

  • Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser;

  • Persistent cookies are saved on your computer/device for a pre-determined period of time (or until you delete them manually (see below)).

As regards the origin of cookies, a distinction can be made between what is known as “first party cookies” and “third party cookies”.

  • First party cookies are placed and managed by ourselves. They ensure our website operates correctly and make it possible to save your preferences (such as your preferred language).

  • Third party cookies are created by a third party and placed on your computer.

As regards cookie types, a distinction can be made between:

  • Functional cookies: these cookies ensure the website operates correctly.

  • Non-functional (analytical) cookies: these are cookies that are used, in particular, for statistical, performance analysis, tracking or advertising purposes. These cookies make it possible, for example, to obtain statistical information about the website (such as the number of visitors to the site or the most frequently consulted subjects, etc.). Other cookies track visitors on the website (browsing behaviour) and create a user profile that can be used subsequently for advertising purposes, for example.


We use cookies to simplify the use of the Efico Group website and to better adapt the website and our services to suit your interests and needs. Cookies can also be used to improve the speed of your activities and future sessions on our websites.

We also use cookies to produce anonymous, aggregated statistical information, enabling us to understand the way in which people use our websites in order to improve their structure and content. We cannot identify you personally on the basis of these cookies.

Efico Group does not use tracking or advertising cookies.



Cookie ID Type Period Conservation Period Origin Purpose
SESS First party During browsing period Expires after closing browser PHP A SESS cookie is a Drupal session cookie used when an authorised user logs in. An initial SESS... cookie is used to see if you are logged in
__utma Third party 2 years from set/update 2 years from set/update Google Analytics Used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and no existing __utma cookies exists. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmb (Google Tag Manager) Third party 30 mins from set/update 30 mins from set/update Google Analytics Used to determine new sessions/visits. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and no existing __utmb cookies exists. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.
__utmc (Google Tag Manager) Third party End of browser session End of browser session Google Analytics Not used in ga.js. Set for interoperability with urchin.js. Historically, this cookie operated in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether the user was in a new session/visit.
__utmt (Google Tag Manager) Third party 10 minutes 10 minutes Google Analytics Used to throttle request rate.
__utmz (Google Tag Manager) Third party 6 months from set/update 6 months from set/update Google Analytics Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached your site. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics.
has_js First party 1 year 1 year Drupal The has_js cookie records whether your browser has JavaScript enabled.This helps the website understand browser Javascript functionality so that it can deliver content in a suitable way depending on your settings.

This table provides an overview of the different types of cookies that we use on the Efico Group website, together with their respective purpose and duration (i.e., how long each cookie remains on your computer/device).



Most internet browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically. You can modify your browser’s settings to block cookies or to be informed when cookies are sent to your computer.

The way in which you can delete cookies or adapt the cookie settings depends on the internet browser that you use and sometimes also on the version that you have installed.

You will find further information on how to manage cookies in the most common internet browsers via the links below:

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer:

If you use Mozilla Firefox:

If you use Google Chrome:

If you use Safari:

If you deactivate the cookies we use, this may have an impact on your experience when you visit the Efico Group website. You may no longer be able to visit certain pages of the Efico Group website or your visit to the Efico Group website may no longer be customised (for example, you will have to re-set your preferred language each time).

If you visit the Efico Group website using different devices (for example, your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you must ensure that each browser on each device is adapted to your cookie preferences.



You will also find third party social networking site buttons (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube Instagram and Twitter) on our website. Among other things, these buttons enable you to share the content of our web pages with other people on the social networks in question. When you click on the button, you are transferred to the respective social network. The social networks concerned may collect data about you, for example, relating to data you read and share on our website. These data are gathered and managed entirely on the initiative of the social network in question. We do not have access to this data and have no control over them. For further information on the use of your data by the social networks concerned, we recommend you consult the privacy statement and general terms and conditions of the social network in question.



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